Looking For Free Roulette Professional Systems to Make You Rich?

We’d all like to be rich I’m sure, but does anyone seriously think that a free professional roulette system either exists or secondly would actually work. Let’s be serious about this firstly if you had a system that was guaranteed to make money in a real casino would you give it away to people. Of course you wouldn’t, in fact you would keep the roulette system as quiet as possible and slowly allow you winnings to accumulate.

To be guaranteed to make money in a real casino, you need either some bias in the casino wheel that you are aware of or you would need to cheat! The days of faulty roulette wheels are pretty much long gone and you won’t get far trying to cheat a casino.

So what exactly are these professional roulette systems?

Well, they are often plausible sounding strategies more than systems. Some method of betting in which you can’t possibly fail to win if you follow them exactly. In reality nearly everyone seems to be based on something called the gamblers fallacy. These systems always end up twisting the laws of probability to suit their needs.

A System based on ‘ a gamblers fallacy’ doesn’t sound too smart!

Well that’s because it isn’t, that is the problem. The worse thing is that winning in roulette is pretty much down to luck so these systems will actually work occasionally but no more often than any other method based on luck. What’s even worse is that it takes much of the fun out of roulette.

The gamblers fallacy states that any deviation in expected probability will be evened out by opposite deviations in the future. That is for example if you see an unusual pattern of reds appear then in order to balance out the expected probability there will be extra blacks appear in future spins. Now clearly this can be made to sound a very reasonable assumption if you mess around with probability. But the simple fact is that the odds stay exactly the same, even if you got 22 reds in a row the chance for the next spin would be exactly the same. The little silver ball doesn’t have a think about what it’s just done before it decides to land somewhere.

The usual system that is touted as the Singapore online casino killer is the martingale system and it uses the false assumption of the gamblers fallacy combined with a strict betting system. There are lots of variants around but they basically revolve around multiplying your stake until you win a spin on an even money event. What usually happens is that you swap lots of little wins for the risk of a very big loss (as you consistently have to keep multiplying your stake)

If you enjoy roulette but all you’ve found online are the very similar computer generated wheels and games then perhaps you might have more fun playing a real game of roulette. Read below for a fantastic new online casino that I’m sure you’ll like. Forget about so called professional roulette systems and just have fun and hope lady luck is smiling on you only she can make you rich.



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